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Patient Appointment Reminders Text, Voice & Email

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Reduce No-Shows & Increase Revenue with MyPatientReminder

MyPatientReminder is an automated appointment reminder and messaging service that sends reminders and confirmations to ensure your patients make it to their appointments on-time and prepared.


Works with leading practice management software programs, including Nextech.

MyPatientReminder is HIPPA compliant and integrates seamlessly with your existing scheduling software. Two-way messaging allows patients to respond and easily confirm their appointments or request a reschedule with the results shown in your scheduling software.

MyPatientReminder allows you to send email, text and voice appointment messages - choose any or all modes of communication. The service not only saves your staff a significant amount of time, it's also a great way to increase patient satisfaction!

It should come as no surprise that busy patients want access to tools that make appointment management quick and convenient. Receiving appointment reminders via their mobile devices is less intrusive and makes confirmation fast and easy. Staff can easily see who has and hasn't confirmed their appointments yet.

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Text reminders are great for patients on-the-go, and are also an effective way to ensure your appointment reminders are actually seen. Research shows that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. Patients can easily confirm their availability by replying directly to the text message, which is reflected on your scheduling interface. MyPatientReminder can automatically send confirmation messages and follow-up reminders to to reduce “no-shows” and free up your staff for more important tasks.

Voice Appointment Reminders

Voice appointment reminders enable you to reach all of your patients, not just the individuals you have cell phone or email address contact info for. Voice calls allow patients to receive appointment reminders and confirm availability through landline phones as well. Once a call detects a human voice on the other end, or the beep of an answering machine, a message will be played with information about the appointment date, time, contact name, and other pertinent information. If the call is answered by a person, he or she will have the chance to confirm or cancel the appointment by touch tones or to leave a voice message.

Email Appointment Reminders

mail reminders allow patients to easily add appointments to their electronic calendars with the click of a button. MyPatientReminder email templates include links to the most popular calendar applications so patients can instantly add the time and date of their appointment to their schedule. Out professional email templates make it easy for patients to confirm their appointments directly from their inbox. MyPatientReminder also keeps track of your patients’ communication preferences, making it easier-than-ever to abide by anti-spam rules.

Get MyPatientReminder for your Practice

MyPatientReminder gives your practice the tools you need to efficiently deliver high volumes of patient phone, text and email reminders without overloading your staff or breaking the bank. More importantly, the system frees up your team to focus on in-office patient care.

MyPatientReminder can handle a day’s worth of appointment confirmations in minutes, freeing up staff to work with patients or focus on other important tasks. Adding automated appointment reminders to your practice can also significantly reduce missed appointments, saving your practice thousands of dollars of potential lost revenue.

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